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Dear Kirk,
It is not often that I feel compelled to write a letter of appreciation for service well done but in the case of your company I cannot help but do so. The genuine care and commitment to excellence that you, and your incredible work crew recently demonstrated in replacing my entire roof and gutter system left a deep and lasting impression upon me. I really don't know how to thank you enough. You sincerely listened, took all of my concerns to heart, and expertly handled multiple challenges that occurred throughout the roofing replacement process.

In a highly competitive business world where fast deals and shoddy professionalism are increasingly the norm, your company really stands out from the crowd. From the moment your crew set foot on my property, they inspired my complete trust and confidence. Your team of men were amazingly hard working - in fact, they were so enthusiastic in their work that I never once saw them take a break! It is rare to find employees of this caliber. All the members of your crew - Paul Schulte, Matt Rhodes, Tony Wolford, and Mike Pitman - proved themselves to be genuinely good human beings who took real pleasure in working well with each other.

Bastin Roofing obviously prides itself on maintaining a very high standard of work ethic. It is no exaggeration to say that you, and your work crew, never once hesitated to go that extra mile for me. Every one of you consistently gave 120% of himself to the many tasks at hand. No one shrunk from the many difficulties and challenges of the job. I  never had to wonder what was going on because you had the professional courtesy to keep me informed of the progress every step of the way. Everything was always done on time and done well.

My roof has a very steep pitch which made your job even more dangerous than usual. I was impressed with the consistent diligence you observed in securing the safety of the work site. Everything was done in a highly organized manner. Great pains were taken to keep the yard neat and clean on each and every work day. By the end of the job, the property was left in perfect condition with no trace of roofing debris. There was never any need to worry for I knew that you had the whole project under control.

Ever since the roof was completed, my phone has not stopped ringing. Everyone is asking me the same questions: "Who has done this gorgeous roof job on your house?" I have had innumerable strangers stop their cars in front of my house just to let me know that this is the most beautiful and impressive roof job they have ever seen. What more can I say? You, and your men, not only have me a sold functional roof but created a true masterpiece that will continue to testify to the high level of your professional skills for many years to come.

I will always think very highly of Bastin Roofing not only becasue of your fine character, Kirk, but because of the incredibly hard working crew of enthusiastic capable men that you are fortunate enough to have in your ranks. They represent your company with dignity, and professional excellence as skilled craftsmen of superior roofs. Without a doubt, the many contributions of your fabulous work team will continue to enhance the good reputation of your company. Please feel free to leave your roofing sign in my yard for as long as you like so that others may benefit from all of your expertise. In the future, I will wholeheartedly recommend Bastin Roofing to anyone who requires work done on their home.


Clairemarie L.
"Recently needed to replace my roof. Called Bastin Roofing, got a reasonable quote right away. They replaced my roof in one day. I was very pleased with the whole experience. I would highly recommend Bastin Roofing to anyone looking for a new roof or repair. Very professional." 

Steven H.

"We recently experienced some wind damage which required replacement of the original roof. My experience with Bastin Roofing was exceptional. From my initial call for a quote through completion of all work I was extremely satisfied with all aspects of their business. They promptly installed a temporary tarp immediately after the damage was discovered; they kept our property very clean during the work, and took great care during the entire process to keep me abreast of their progress. They were very thorough and did an excellent job on our roof, gutters and fascia. I'm confident referring my family and friends to Bastin Roofing and I'm sure others will share my experience of total customer satisfaction." 

Thomas K.
"Had a great experience with Bastin Roofing. Very professional and friendly. Very helpful. Roof looks GREAT. A+." 

Mark H.

"My son was selling his house and we had to put a new roof on it. Bastin Roofing did an excellent job! It was a smooth process. Even the buyer's home inspector commented on the quality of the installation. I liked the fact that his roofers were not subcontractors but are employed year round by Bastin Roofing. Great experience." 
Mark H.

"Bastin Roofing is a great company and well regarded in the community. Highly recommend!" 
Aaron M.
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